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Insight apparates in the strangest of moments. At this time on this day, it seems I have broken through the thick veil of fog that has been ever-present, draping over my limbs like a weighted cloak. I wish #wisdomwednesday spawned from some magical or daring adventure, but instead it arrived as I methodically shovelled the damp and compact snow from last night’s fall. Strange to have snowfalls as such in mid-December, but this year has been far from ordinary. I chuckle at the sense of humour of knowing, dropping its wisdom in the most unexceptional moments.

It is perplexing how one can be grinding in drudgery for days, weeks, months, years and in an instant a breakthrough emerges, lifting the burden. These happenings are not to be taken for granted, as they can visit sparsely. For those reading, I sincerely hope that you too are graced by these experiences for they are awe-inspiring. Before I fully delve into today’s message, I share with you the loop of words on replay in my cranium, “It is okay not to be okay.” Yes, that is it. Simple and unimaginative. It is a statement that is easy to comprehend, slightly more challenging to embody. I have been repeating and preaching this practice, but have found resistance with whole-self (embodied) acceptance. This subtle resistance has been the source of my agony; self-produced misery born out of the opposition to my reality. The breakthrough emerged as I scrolled across a post that mirrored this resistance.

In light of the release of the newest corona regulations, it is evident that we are all fatigued, lending itself to various measures of coping. For many (including myself), we tend to lean on the extremes, whether this be overfunctioning or underfunctioning. As always, my focus zeroed in on a message of overfunctioning, asking if we are showing up for the universe in a time of crisis. In a moment of clarity, it became blatantly obvious that all attempts (underfunctioning or overfunctioning) are ploys of egoic grasping. Please allow me to elaborate.

Regardless if your stance on universal creation is spiritual or scientific, it can be agreed that nature has long preceded humankind. Despite our meagre attempts to control or alter the biological course of events, nature still unfolds as it always has. Evidently, the human ego thinks it is capable of interfering or even changing the natural direction. Those who jump into egoic drive by overfunctioning attempt to do so by “doing” more loudly or vigorously, while those who slide into the egoic drive by underfunctioning attempt to remove themselves and evade the situation all together. Neither is more optimal than the other as they are opposite sides of the same coin, but I dare to assert that society tends to favour those who default to overfunctioning.

There is a point to my rambling, which I will attempt to make here. Nature does not require our interference. In fact, it fares much better when we remove ourselves from its course. Nature will intuitively find a way to heal and rebalance. With this in mind, now is not the time to embark on a valliant mission to save humanity, nor is it the time to build a den and hibernate until all clears. The chaotic outer world is urging us to find quiet sanctity by looking inwards, to rest and restore. If you find yourself full of fire energy, creative or physical pursuits are prime outlets. Let us all protect and preserve our life force for it will be needed when we re-emerge from isolation. Stay centered, stay present, and remind yourself, “It is okay not to be okay.”

Digitally Yours,


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